Media Science

Central Command media science tools feature links that allow analysis of either zeitgeist or financial momentum.


Current trends, everything from bizarre memes to those chart rocking Google popular searches, are your primary cultural thermometer. These will allow a window into both what is acceptable and what is popular. Trendsetters must know where cultural boundaries exist, and find harmony between groundbreaking marketing and brand-breaking taboos.

Financial Momentum

The strength of your buyer’s money and the fiscal journey of that money throughout the year will be key to transforming your trend data into returns. When does your target buy? Is there a  second target that can supplement your brand when your primary target isn’t spending?

Final notes | other Laboratories

As marketers and media gurus, we each have our favorite analysis items. Designers will be enthralled with visual stimulation and aesthetics. Fashion runways are transformed into road maps for what is modern and desirable.  Pure number crunchers will need the endless supply of digits tracking reach and investment ratios, while data watchers will want to see how complementary goods or services are performing and the statistical relationships between competitive sets and demographic.

All analysis is helpful on some level. Let it guide your brand, but never let it dictate the course. Happy sailing, media scientists!