What we do

Our services include social media & e-marketing, event planning, public relations, reputation management, advertising campaign direction, and promotion solutions.

We learn about your business, your competitors, your drive markets, and any complementary services or products. With this data, we develop a “sketch” of your target command audience, the ideal picture of your clients and what they need from you to help them reach you and select your business over your competition. This sketch is combined with a demographic and web analytic report, and provided to you without charge. We then transform this report into an action plan with flexible billing options for your business.

Studio Profile

Central Command is a digital media laboratory and studio for marketing and brand development located in Northeast Ohio. It was founded with the understanding that brand strength creates loyal customers and those loyalties convert into higher profits. Our destination is your bottom line, and your brand is the vehicle that drives us to raising it.

We do everything with a little more passion and drama than the other guys. We don’t build websites; We build online brand command centers. We don’t do marketing videos; We make award winning short films promoting your message. We don’t take photographs; We use time space continuum machines to freeze moments in time. (The latter are also known as cameras in layman’s terms.)

Our studio is also a laboratory for implementing new ideas and technologies to meet business and brand campaign marketing needs. We consider our work a scientific pursuit with tests and measurable results, and each experiment is an effort to develop and build your brand identity and promote your message.